What if you created a blog and no one showed up to read it?

I am not sure why I have decided to blog after creating this page nearly two years ago.  Maybe it’s cathartic for me, or maybe it’s to satisfy my ego, but all I know is that I have a desire to do it.

The topics of my blogs will predominately be related to education, marketing, and healthcare.  Since I work in the marketing department of a health sciences institution of higher learning, these topics are not surprising.  Some of the other topics could touch on the media, social media, sports, hobbies, my wife, my kids, my dog, and politics (not necessarily in that order).

I would like to think I am funny and clever, and that my writings will reflect my wittiness, but in all honesty…I am probably neither of those two.  I am not a deep thinker or an intellectual so don’t think you’ll find anything profound in my blog.  I am a simple man who needs to boil things down to its simplest form for me to understand.  You’ll often find me resorting to some folksy analogy to get my point across.

I view the blog as a journey and hope that I find a few people to join me along the way.  I welcome feedback, both good and bad, and hope I can entertain and inform at the same time.  But back to my title, even if no one shows up to read my blog that’s ok too because I got the time (but don’t tell my wife that).

Also, I promise not to wait another two years for my next entry.  You can look for a new entry in less than a weeks time.


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2 Responses to What if you created a blog and no one showed up to read it?

  1. micalimar says:

    I read your post and thought to myself, hey, wait a minute, did I post that?? I feel the same way about blogging. I have a lot to say but until someone “pokes the bear” I might find myself rambling on about the benefits of the new healthcare reform, etc. I was interested to read that you will be blogging about education, marketing and healthcare. Those are my interests as well. I’ll be reading, so keep on writing.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully I can keep your interest. I don’t know if my positions on healthcare and education will be congruent with yours or in opposition, but I welcome any debate and respect any opinion.

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